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    I believe I’ve shared a few of these with you already Paul, but wanted to consolidate them all in one place and add my voice to others.

    • Leaderboard and Logged-In User’s Points: This is an important one for the projects that I’m using the plugin in, as both points (karma) and the leaderboard are essential motivators for a significant subset of our users. Likewise, since real-world rewards for participation are a part of a number of our projects, we need an easy way to visual both for admins and for participants where users stand individually and to one-another.
    • Robust Badge Directory: The current achievements list fulfills some of the functions as 2.X’s achievements directory, but what its missing is both the featured images or “badges” associated with achievements, as well as sorting and filtering options.
    • Custom Excerpts for Achievements: I think you mentioned elsewhere that this was already coded in but not made available from the back-end, but this would help enormously with the presentation of achievements list, especially for very particularly verbose achievements descriptions.
    • Achievements Earned from Achievements: We’d like to implement levels and clusters for our achievements, where completing either a certain number of achievements, or a certain selection of achievements unlocks a new achievement for the user. This would allow us to create thematic clusters of achievements with a culminating, or “capstone” achievement.
    • Levels/Titles Attached to Points Thresholds: We’d like a way to assign levels or titles to a user based on their progress so far, as measured by points (karma). This would likely need its own shortcode/template-tag for presentation.
    • Configurable Terminology: We’d like to use our own terminology to describe karma (points) or achievements (badges) and have those terms reflected across the site in the plugin’s output. Its not terribly difficult to replace instances of these terms on our own, so this is more a convenience feature, but nonetheless.
    • Self-Claim Achievements: Claim codes opened up an enormous world of possibility for us and our users, so thank you for that. An extension of this would be to define achievements as self-claimable. We imagine these to be useful in the personal progress-tracking area, where a user is self-reporting that they completed a particular task, without need for evidence. We see these used in a lot of personal health/fitness tracking apps, where the goal is less community-competitive but personally competitive. A class of self-improvement achievements, you could say, likely less valuable points-wise than the verifiable achievements, but an important engagement/participation metric nonetheless.
    • Achievement Categories: Hinted at above, we’d like to have some form of taxonomy for Achievements for organization and presentation.
    • That’s all for now, though I’m sure I’ll think of more and add them to this.

      Thanks again for all of your hard work Paul, and for providing the community with such an awesome plugin!

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