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    You have wishes or ideas? Let me and the others know, maybe they will be implemented.

    Please note that I want to keep the plugin as small as possible. There are numerous paid plugins that offer much more features, but are also overloaded. I want to keep the plugin as small as possible.

    Help translating

    If you want the plugin in your language, you can help translate it. More information can be found here:

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  • Hello devhats, thanks for the great plugin, I have 2 feature request:
    1. Allow voter to switch vote in case of mistaken vote entry, also counts of votes for both pro and contra should be displayed after voting which by default shows “You have already voted for this post”. Please improve this to *you have already voted for this post* and then give the option to switch vote.

    2. Add vote on comments option.


    WPML support would be very helpful

    Currently, translation isn’t working, as you don’t consider the current language. You always take default site language/admin language…

    Plugin Author Pixelbart


    @eugenem it should be possible to translate the plugin with wpml. Use string translator or something else…

    Multilanguage Support means, that the plugin can be used on multiple languages. WordPress does not support multilanguage like wpml. So you need to translate it for your own.

    @afamax thanks for your requests… vote switching is not possible because it is not allowed to save ip-address. So we cant check this.

    Votes for comments should be possible but requires a complete rewrite for helpful, because helpful is not for comments. Currently, I can not promise you that I will include such a feature in the future. I have it on my list. Helpful should never grow up. You can always use alternative plugins for it.

    I don’t need to translate plugin’s strings. I need to put translated content in its settings. And I can use wpml shortcodes there. But language doesn’t change…

    I think it’s as simple as passing current language from front-end to backend, but I didn’t have time to try it yet.

    Plugin Author Pixelbart


    @eugenem now i know what you mean. Ok, i will check it out. But I can not guarantee you that I can do it this week.

    Plugin Author Pixelbart


    @eugenem if you want, you can check out the development version:

    I do not know if it works, because I do not have WPML.

    It seems that it doesn’t work. I’ll have to look into it in a few days…

    Plugin Author Pixelbart


    @eugenem I tested it today and it works. Maybe you did something wrong?

    Did you try to translate the response? Because the question is working fine of course…

    Plugin Author Pixelbart


    @eugenem You were right, I forgot two options. Now this should work. Please let me know so that I can release the current version.

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    Hmm, it seems to work under admin, but not under guest. I didn’t find anything related to WPML in your code though…

    Plugin Author Pixelbart


    @eugenem You have to do something wrong. With us it works beautifully. We have tested this with the languages German and English. Everything without problems. Nothing has to be specified in the code if the XML is in the main directory.

    I will publish the current version now. Maybe you just use the wrong helpful version.

    Well, checked with last version, same result.

    But I don’t even see in the code, how you pass these messages from settings to the front. What I see in AJAX call handler is just call to this function:

    public function after_message( $value )
    global $helpful;
    $value = __( ‘Thank you for voting.’, ‘helpful’ );
    return $value;

    Plugin Author Pixelbart


    Actually, this should not be a problem as the filter is overwritten by another file. Nevertheless, I have changed this, because this filter makes no sense, since there is no pro version anymore.

    In the current trial, you can test it like this:

    I have not tested it yet, but just changed it. Many thanks for the help!


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)
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