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  • Just trying out your plugin and it performs well against W3 Total Cache. How about CDN support or do you recommend another plugin for this ?

    Plugin Author petermolnar


    Although the CDN is not a bad idea, I try to stick with the *nix-way of tools: do only one thing, but do it really good.
    Therefore I believe I should not put CND into this very cache plugin, and there are a lot of pretty good CDN plugins already available.

    OK Peter I understand. Can you recommend a CDN plugin and more specifically for using it to deliver cached or minified content not just media ?

    Prebuild cache so that first visits are delivered at optimum speed.

    Plugin Author petermolnar


    Prebuilt cache would clearly be a good idea, but only on purpose, as option.
    The base problem is that I’ve got no idea how to do it so far without implementing a sitemap-builder into my engine, which seems to be a little overkill.
    Anyway, I’ll keep this in mind.

    Plugin Author petermolnar


    Hi Nic,

    I’ve added an alpha version of pre-caching to the sytem, it needs more testing ( and finished comments ) before release.
    Also, it need one of the following function: system, exec, shell_exec, passthru since it may take a very long time and the system would most probably run into max_execution_time.

    I’ve tested it yesterday, worked correctly, but I’m still thinking of improvements.

    Also, fortunately, it’s not dependent of curl.

    Download it from here, if you’re willing to test it:

    Thanks for the terrific plugin. It’s speedy!

    I would vote for:

    • Exclude caching by URL and/or by post_type
    • Save the settings to the DB so that deactivating doesn’t wipe them out
    Plugin Author petermolnar


    Hi boxcarpress,

    I’ll think about the excluding.

    About the settings thing: in short, this is a feature that is required for WordPress Network support.
    In details: there are two setting in the db: one if for the actual, specific blog and one is global, that contains settings for all of the blogs in a network; both are obviously saved into the db, but the global config is “printed” into advanced-cache.php as well.
    When the plugin is deactivated, the settings for current blog is removed from the global config and if no other site config remains, advanced-cache.php needs to be removed. This is why you might believe your settings are removed: if you’re using the plugin in a single-site layout, once you deactivate it, advanced-cache.php is removed and it needs to be saved again.
    Also, I’m sorry, but I refuse to do this automatically, even though it’s possible; in my opinion firing up the cache without a supervision on the settings is not a good scenario.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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