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  • Plugin Author Phil


    Have a feature you think would be good in Age Gate? Let me know in this thread!

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  • theishenriksen


    Hi @philsbury!
    Great plugin!
    I have a request wich would make this such a delight to type in for users!
    Could you do so it automatically submits the form when the year has been typed?
    Another feature I think would be nice, would be the ability to have only the year, and not the date/month
    (Exactly what has done 😉 )

    Plugin Author Phil


    Hi @theishenriksen,

    Thanks you for this and your review 🙂

    Someone else requested the year only a while back and I did start looking at how to make it possible, but then other fixes and work got in the way of it.

    I’ll revisit it as soon as I get the next update out, which should be around the time WP5 is released later this month – or when the release candidate is available.

    For auto submit, that’s certainly possible I think. Just a simple event listener something like this should do the trick:

    jQuery('body').on('keyup', '#age-gate-y', function(e){
      if( === 4){

    I’ll add it to my tasks for a future update




    Hi, Could you please add features to add MailChimp subscript form. When click yes, it will show mailchimp subscription form. And when click No, it will ban visitor ip for 12 hours.

    Thanks for the great plugin.




    Please can you enable your plugin to support buddypress registration.
    I am using the YES/NO option in settings,
    I want the yes/no option to popup first and before a user can register.

    1. Users accepting the (YES) option can proceed to complete buddypress registration.
    2. Users accepting the (NO) option will be redirected back to the site home page.

    Thank you

    I would love to have this store in a log file, what users have filled out. Doesn’t need to track IP or anything like that. Just the fields that were filled out and the time.

    Right now, I just have a custom form up to do this but I would love to use this plugin for future builds instead of trying to maintain my own on dozens of sites.

    Ideally as well, extra custom fields. Or integration with other popular form builders like Gravity or Formidable.

    I have not found a setting that hide restricted products from other than restricted taxonomies. Eg.: I have comix site. There are products categories like: ‘adult only’ (restricted), ‘black & white’ (not restricted) etc.
    Some of arts are ‘adult only’ and ‘black & white’. So if products are restricted in ‘adult only’ then they should not appear on ‘black and white’ product list unless a user accepted the adult terms of use.

    If there is not such a setting maybe you could consider to implement it.

    Best for you.

Viewing 6 replies - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)
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