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    Have a feature you think would be good in Age Gate? Let me know in this thread!

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  • Plugin Author Phil


    Hi all,

    The plugin has been rewritten… then parts rewritten again. And again. But it’s now in a place where I feel it addresses most of the features requested here and some I wanted to add.

    It’s currently in an alpha state, but if you would like to test it you are more than welcome to. I just wouldn’t put in on a production site straight away.

    You can download it from the (also a work-in-progress) new Age Gate site

    There’s a list below of the key changes, but for those requests here, I’ve added some documentation but there’s a lot left to write. I didn’t want docs to hinder progress though.

    @whiteeagle1985, @burtonlo, rather than attempting to support every plugin I’ve added a filter that runs before the Age Gate is shown and written a doc on it using BuddyPress but it should be easy enough to add Woocommerce support to it too. You can find that info in the docs here. This hook can essentially be used for any number of customisations.

    @twfdev, this page documents the before and after filters. There are some more for the other content which I’ll get written down too.

    @kaytellehoelgmailcom, those are customisable in the admin now.

    Some of the key changes are:

    • Age can be changed for individual content
    • Tags/Categories can now be restricted independently
    • Other archives can be independently restricted using filters
    • Age gate form can be extended with additional fields
    • Addition of various actions and filters
    • Custom CSS editor
    • Improved form validation and custom messages
    • Ability to set which users can manage Age Gate settings
    • Input fields can automatically tab to the next

    I’m going to pin another sticky about V2 where things can me tracked and probably put a feedback form on the site until I go live with v2.

    Thanks to all for using the plugin.


    Hello! Thanks for the great plug-in. I was wondering if you could look into making the plug-in save the persons age to their user profile.
    Best Regards,

    Plugin Author Phil


    Hi @theherbninja,

    In V2 this will be possible using the hooks in the plugin. You’ll need to hook into age_gate_form_success and then store meta data against the logged in user.

    You can then adapt the guide here to check the users age before showing them the age gate.

    It’s not something I’ll add as default to the plugin due to potential privacy concerns. As such if you do record it, be sure to tell users you are doing so, or better still add a field to the age gate that lets them opt in or not. There’s a guide on adding custom fields in v2 here.

    V2 is in beta, I’ve just released a final version of v1 in preparation for the transition, so once I feel enough users have switched to the latest v1.x then v2 should be released.


    Thank you! @philsbury. I am not much of a coder at all, I use drag and drop builders etc, so that sounds pretty difficult to me. Is there a chance maybe you could make a setting in the plug-in to turn on or off the ability to store the age in the user profiles? Or do you have any references that will be able to explain how to store that data, in a way someone like me could understand? In any case, I look forward to the update and thank you for your help!

    Best Regards,
    The Herb Ninja.

    I have what feels like an extremely silly feature request…

    And I have to apologize in advance if this has been mentioned before, as I must have overlooked it… But I happened to notice Age Gate is dumping loads of unnecessary information depending on what your settings are. In one example, I am using a simple yes/no confirmation option on a site, but the plugin is still dumping all of the date month/day/year options in case they are needed (which as mentioned, they totally are not). Since there is a configurable option, why not just have it load what it needs for that specific configuration based on a couple of if’s? I just thought it’d be an easy thing to streamline it’s use for everyone using it!

    Thanks for considering, and have a good one! 🙂

    Hi philsbury,
    I don’t have a specific suggestion, but look at the age verification of this website:
    It only asks you the year, but if in this year you can have 17/18 years old (because in this website the legal age is 18 and not 21) it asks the month and if necessary the day with the same logic. I don’t know if I explained the dynamic correctly but try it and tell me if you understood.
    I think this is an awesome user experience and is a good option to add to your plugin if it is possible.

    Thank you for your plugin, although I am having a little bug this was very helpful.

    Plugin Author Phil


    Hi @joaogodinho,

    Thanks for that. I like it a lot actually, when I’ve got a bit of time I’ll look into doing something similar 🙂


    what about bulk? it is good idea to have it so i can fix all old articles not requiring age gate or not since most articles not require to be 18 or above.

    Just create a category (say Mature Content), mark it to be age-gated, and then assign the category via the bulk edit function to the posts that need to be age-gated. That should solve your problem @inetk253.

    Hey Phil,

    I know this is a series of tall orders possibly, but:

    – I would love to see an optional location dropdown that you can turn on (countries, US states, Canadian provinces).
    – In said location options, I would love to have the ability to only let a selection of locations into the site.
    – In said location options, I would love to be able to set a default location as the initial location choice.
    – And I would love an option for the plugin to ‘geolocate’ the user when they first arrive at the site.

    Pro / premium version? 😀 If not maybe I will fork and begin work on this…

    Thanks, R

    @nathan Pinno how to disable all posts not to be age gated by default except by category to be age gated

    @inetk253 That’s under the settings for the plugin.


    Feature request to be able to toggle on/off the Age Gate settings from the front-end Admin Bar.

    Gets a little annoying when it’s already set up!


    Great plugin, I left a 5 star review.

    I do have a feature request.
    Please only add wpadminbar links if it’s absolutely mandatory. If it’s needed try to keep the text short. Only ‘Age Gate’ should suffice.

    Second. I expected to find a ‘show age gate’ option, so we can easily call it for styling purposes. Now the wpadminbar menu only has the admin-menu items? Imagine that every plugin does this, the wpadminbar would be unusable..

    I see now that @steveraven requested the same feature.

    Best regards, Bjorn

    Plugin Author Phil



    @bjornwebdesign and @steveraven, I’ll look at both of these.

    @inetk253, might be a little late but taxonomy inheritance will be available in the next release

    @oxygensmith, there was a similar topic here, not quite as full featured but there’s some code on there that you could certainly use as a starting point.

    Thanks all for using the age gate 🙂

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