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  • logicalt


    I used the WordFence cache and it was the fastest caching for my websites. Great that you continued this project. I tested it and it’s still the fastest, but I miss 2 things:

    – A ‘preload’ function (to preload the cache).
    – A ’empty cache’ button in the toolbar (makes it faster to empty the cache instead of going to the plugin page).

    Any change you could add these features?

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  • Plugin Contributor cjhaas


    Hi logicalt,

    We’re glad that you were able to use our fork of Wordfence’s code! For the first release of this plugin we’re focusing on stability and feature-parity between Vendi Cache and Wordfence’s caching engine. We also want to make sure that we can safely interoperate in an environment where both Wordfence and Vendi Cache are installed so that neither steps on each other toes accidentally. We’ve been running this on many different configurations so we’re pretty confident we’re okay but we also just want to “let the dust settle” a bit before and hear back from users before we make any changes.

    As for your feature requests themselves, adding an “Empty Cache” button to the toolbar shouldn’t be too hard of a problem. We’d probably make users opt-in with a checkbox because I’m not a big fan of changing the entire admin experience, even if it is just slightly, for such a feature.

    As for the preload, that one’s a little trickier and unfortunately probably won’t happen. Without going in great detail, we’d have to spawn a rather expensive (time/memory/CPU) task to spider your entire site to determine every possible URL so that we could cache them. Even if we added a “preload only these URLs” option it could still amount to a rather expensive tasks that ultimately we think is outside the scope of this plugin. For sites where we want to preload things, however, we just use a free spidering program such as Xenu which is awesome at discovering every single nook and cranny of your site.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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