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  • Thought i’d take a few moments to put finger to keyboard and layout a few ideas about where the forum here could do with improvement.

    After all, this is the request forum… These are only suggestions, and i appreciate how tasks are given priority, so please take these as simple suggestions… not demands or cries… ! .. 🙂

    Profile area:

    1. Better management of Recent activity section.
    2. CSS update to “Most recent reply” text/box – it needs to stand out so i can tell which posts have a reply since my last (i currently use Find: in firefox).
    3. No reason threads i’ve started need to be on the same area of the profile, a seperate page would reduce queries and give more screen space to the recent replies (more important.. i m p o).


    1. To general – Why can’t we search specific forums or by author?
    2. Needless text about the wordpress site in all search results – Also CSS regarding last reply does not stand out

    General forum:

    1. Shortcodes – Why are there no shortcodes? … or smileys, if only the basic ones

    I’d also like to see a few general CSS tweaks to areas of the forum where text needs to stand out more. “Most recent reply” , “Allow markup” , and other areas where text should stand out and be noticed…

    Anyone welcome to banter with me on this! .. 🙂

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  • Can’t argue with you on anything there.

    Not sure what shortcodes you would use but just so you know you can use wiki style linking by putting two open brackets and two closing brackets in front of a Codex article name and it will create the link to that document. Of course the code thing on the Forums is screwing it up so I can’t show you the actual brackets 😉

    openbracket openbracket Templates closebracket closebracket will create a link to the Codex article Templates.

    Do you mean like this…

    <a href="">t31os</a>

    EDIT: oh lol, it changed my code…



    Of course, there is no article but seems you have the idea.

    Ah hah, found a way to break it, in my edit…. 🙂

    Handy to know, i am use to copy and pasting links though. I don’t know the codex pages off the top of my head so a quick ctrl+c, ctrl+v proberly a bit quicker..

    So use to googling now, i do it by nature… 🙂

    So for posting codex links, it’s like this..
    [[ !like this ]]

    Without the !

    RE: Shortcodes. BBcode style, bold, code, etc…. Alot of communities use forums, those forums will use one of many popular pieces of forum software, and 9/10 times it’s going to be one that uses [somefunction] style tags for placing tags into posts.

    I think it would be fair to assume alot of users are use to this format, so having that usage is nothing new for a good wealth of users..

    I don’t mind writing with HTML, but not everyone understands what the “Allowed markup” area means (or pays attention to it), but they might well be use to [code] style tags from using other forums...

    That's not to mention the format is already used in wordpress, so why not in the forum?

    I don’t know the codex pages off the top of my head so a quick ctrl+c, ctrl+v proberly a bit quicker..

    That’s why I created this disaster:

    I’d end up using Firefox search on that page to find what i want still.

    Ultimately i think i still end up doing as many actions as before… so i’m no better off.. lol.. :-s

    I think i’ll stick with the tried and tested… 🙂 I’m use to the procedure…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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