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  • It would be FANTASTIC if you could add options to display the media credit vertically, from within the plug-in. (CSS hack? Attach to Media Item editor? Elementor widget?)

    Options that would aid us news portal publishers include:

    Vertical alignment to image, bottom-left
    Vertical alignment to image, bottom-right
    Vertical alignment to image, top-left
    Vertical alignment to image, top-right

    Contain media credit within image area
    Contain within image, pixel offset[=xx]
    Contain within image, apply Z-index[=xxx]
    Contain within image, black text, transparent background
    Contain within image, black text, white background beneath text
    Contain within image, white text, transparent background
    Contain within image, white text, black background

    Finally, a ‘Media Credit Font Format’ tab, or Customizer option, would be great too.

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  • Plugin Author pepe


    Hi @heyscotg, thank you for the suggestion. I will think about it, but the current minimal styling is basically intentional. Styling is the domain of themes and having plugins include heavy CSS files is something I’d like to avoid. (I assume you’d want text displayed sideways? Some mocked-up screenshots would be good to be sure what your intended result would look like.)

    I will certainly create some mockups for you.
    And I understand about ‘bloaded code’ but at the same time, people who want photo credits don’t want them to necessarily take valuable scrolling space. That’s why offering a vertical option, and one that overlay the credit inside the image area, is so appealing.

    Coming from decades of newspaper publishing, I have always given my media professionals credit. (And I think it’s the right thing to do online.) You’re product is on track to be a super tool for ‘honest’ publishers.

    But options = greater functionality. I have seen plug-ins that have a simple ‘settings’ page that lets you disable feature/widgets (and their php/css/ajax), to slim down the code.

    Plugin Author pepe


    It’s not so much about code bloat, but about separation of concern. Plugins do functionality, themes do styling. Granted, there’s some overlap, but image markup and styling is especially idiosyncratic. However, there’s probably a way to this with Gutenberg blocks (once I get a hang on them – I’ve yet to experiment with React) and that would be a nice use case for them.

    Here is a imgur link:
    Let me know if you would like to connect outside this forum.

    P.S. I’m not saying that you should incorporate any of the following, but this plug-in could be a great compliment to yours. 🙂

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    I’m not sure Gutenberg, as a required solution, would be the best path. We use Elementor and several of the dynamic-content widgets to display photos. Having the media credit (as text, not part of the image) come as a side-car with the image is really advantageous. That’s why my thought of putting the media credit within the image area is so desirable. If photos are in a gallery with no gutters, the credit won’t ‘break’. (NOTE: Not a programmer, so all of my assumptions could be crap.)

    Plugin Author pepe


    Ah, that’s what I meant regarding separation of concerns. There is no technical way to link image and credit that is theme-/editor-agnostic. It’s all HTML <figure> tags with clever styling. It is impossible to make the credit “come with the image” when something like Elementor requests an attachment from the Media Library. I’d have to write a specific integration with Elementor (which might not even be possible, I’ve got no clue what its architecture looks like), and it would probably all break if you changed themes.

    Point made. 🙁

    Plugin Author pepe


    Still, Gutenberg is becoming a de-facto standard for blocks/widgets, so I think it is very likely that Elementor will be able to use them in the future.

    I’ve been using Elementor from the beginning, and, for those of us who use a page-builder, Gutenberg is clumsy. Sadly. But, surely a step forward for the 5th generation of the CMS.

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