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[Plugin: Infinite-Scroll] Feature Request Thread

  • The title says it all, what features do you think should make an appearance in Infinite-Scroll for WordPress?

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  • The ability to choose non-automatic and to have the loading image and text centered. 😉

    Plugin Author beaver6813


    Have incorporated both of your suggestions into a new (and another revamp) of the plugin 🙂 Can be downloaded over at:


    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

    Dude that’s awesome! Thank you! 🙂

    I don’t understand why the plugin does not work on my site, becouse it works great on my dev site. It could be another plugin that destroys it all. On my first site it also doesn’t work to press the “General”, “Selectors” and “Preset Manager” but it does on my my dev site. Another thing I miss is being able to press the Settings tab in the plugin tab.

    Plugin Author beaver6813


    Is it enabled on your main site? If not could you enable it for a few hours? I want to check to see what code is being inserted etc.

    It is enabled on my main site and so is “Debug Mode”. I have also noticed that when i use manual triggering on my dev site the plugin stop working. The loading image align doesn’t work too. And if i help i can go to “Selectors” and “Preset Manager” with a right click and then “open in new tab” but not a cmd/ctrl click.

    Plugin Author beaver6813


    Could you please try reloading the contents of infinitescroll/js? (overwriting all thats in there). The problem that I’m seeing on the dev site is

    opts.loading.msg = $('<div

    Javascript doesn’t allow line feeds between the “<div” and “id” parts. I’ve checked and its not in the original file in the repo. If you reload and we still see the same error then it looks like it might be an encoding issue we’ll have to look at.
    (This is on your main site).

    When reload the plugin all my old settings are still there.

    Plugin Author beaver6813


    The settings staying there is fine (they’re all stored in the database). What I am noticing, is that your server seems modifying the output somehow through PHP. I believe it is a PHP setting rather than a WordPress setting as the init file isolates the WordPress settings. Would there be anyway to put up a phpinfo file somewhere on the server? If you don’t want to post the location publicly then just drop me a message:

    I think a feature that I would consider useful would be the ability to filter posts by category, archive dates, tags… the normal stuff without having to reload the entire page and still maintain the scrolling feature. Working on those two aspects and not having much luck getting them to play well together!

    BTW, are there any known issues with IE 8? I posted a thread stating the plugin works great in FF but in IE 8, I get all the notices but no appended posts.


    Plugin Author beaver6813


    I’ll look into the IE8 issue on the seperate thread for you Mike 🙂 Thats certainly a cool idea, though I’m not sure how easy this would be to apply to different themes (theres so many variables). I know that another user is working with the ajax filtering over:


    I believe the main code he is using is directly in the theme.

    Thanks Beaver,

    So the example your pointing me to is an example of using your plugin and someone adding functionality to allow category, date range, and tag type filtering to take place using Ajax. Will look over soon but not being the smartest wanted to make sure since I am still learning!

    If this helps… here is a bit more detail.

    When a page loads with the 10 most recent records (10, set in WordPress), and there are 30 matching records…. scrolling the browser will cause the remaining 30 to be added to the div holding the original 10.

    If the user clicks on one of the filtering links on that page for Cat One, Cat Two, Cat II, August, September, etc. I would like the records returning to that page to update without reloading the page and refelct a result set that matches what the user selected from the filtering links!


    Hi Beaver,

    Definitely want to second the “selectable date range” feature request. If the linked thread above addresses that issue, I’m afraid I don’t understand how to implement it, but I don’t think it does…

    I’m working with a very large blog – 1000+ of posts – and it would be nice for visitors to be able to go straight to some point in the past and poke around.


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