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    Hi @cccx,

    do you mean the total quantity of products or the total cash amount?



    Well, both might be useful I guess, but I was thinking the total quantity of products. I am using a custom field in my products and it would be useful to be able to quickly check the amounts for each variable using filtering.



    I think it is nice to filter customer by date . for example I can export Only the last month customers .

    Have a nice time

    Plugin Author Kokomo


    Hi @mahdiar,

    this is already possible. Let’s say you want only customers in July 2017, type “2017-08” in the search box, then ctrl+click all the customers you want to export.

    Let me know if it works for you



    It would be nice if the plugin will be connected to MailPoet lists.

    All customers of 1 product = 1 list of MailPoet

    Thank you!

    Keviin Cosmos


    Hey 🙂
    AWESOME plugin, thanks! <3

    I’m using custom fields in my checkout flow, but they don’t show in the table.
    It would be awesome if that would be possible.

    My example is this:
    The client sell physical courses so i have conditional fields coming up depends on the quantity of the product.
    For each quantity a name and a email field is showing up.

    I hope it makes sense.
    Plugin source:

    Plugin Author Kokomo


    Hi Kevin, glad you like the plugin! This feature is already on the roadmap but I don’t have a time estimate for this yet. Unfortunately / Fortunately I currently have more work than I can handle but I’ll try to do this the second I have some free time, most likely during the holidays. I’ll report back here once it’s done

    Plugin Author Kokomo


    @trebla, @kcsf, @mantebose and everyone else who requested this: I just added a new version of the plugin which includes all the same columns which you can enable using attributes. You can find instructions on the plugin’s page on how to use them. Unfortunately I had to change a bit how it works, so previous attributes will not work. Hope you like it and don’t forget to rate the plugin if you like it! 🙂

    thanks for the update, but nothing is working on the front end, the back end is okay, i used this shortcode on the page [customer_list product=”7” customer_username=”true” order_qty=”true” order_status=”wc-completed,wc-processing”]

    and the results is fatal error, visit the link and see if you know what the error is all about


    Extracting special fields added to the form of checkout plugin with Customize Your “WooCommerce Checkout and Product Fields(” plugin

    NICE plugin!
    Can you send customers a reminder mail on a specific date (with templates)?
    Example, you have An course and you want automatic remind you registrations (7 days before the event start)

    Ability to turn columns on/off at the product level rather than it only being a global setting

    Plugin Author Kokomo


    Add number of customers column in product


    We have a bit of a strange need. We do courses and use the SKU to show the date of it. This allows us to display them in Date order on the WooCommerce listings.
    So when a course is offered again, we change the SKU.

    See on our site:

    We would LOVE it if the Customer list allowed for showing the SKU content that was in place when the customer ordered it. I don’t know if WC actually saves the current SKU but from what I see so far they save a snapshot of a lot of info for an order.

    Plugin Author Kokomo


    Hi @synergyhub,

    thanks for the request. I’m basically re-writing the plugin from the ground up right now so I’ll take a look at the request when i’m done. At worse you’ll have some hooks available to add whatever functionality you need afterwards. I’ll keep you posted.

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