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  • uamv


    It would be nice to add some sort of indicator on the post list page showing that a post has been tailored.

    I sometimes find myself clicking in to edit a page, only to find that I then need to click again to go tailor the page.

    Thanks for entertaining this request!

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  • Plugin Author Andrew Worsfold


    Do you mean the post list in the admin interface? There should be links to Tailor a page both in the “action menu” on the post list page as well as in the admin bar when editing an actual post/page..



    I do mean in the admin interface and I do realize the links to tailor are there. However, it’d be nice to have some indication that a page has already been tailored so that I know to use those links.

    When you are on the edit screen for a tailored page, you get the following notification:

    Changes made to this page within the editor will not be displayed in Tailor.

    It’d be nice to have some such indication on the list page, because if a page has already been tailored and I’m wanting to edit the content, I would usually like to use the aforementioned link. Oftentimes, I don’t know whether it has been tailored until I click through to its edit screen, then I need to click on through to tailor once I realize it’s been tailored.

    I still feel like I’m being clear as mud. Ha. Sorry about that. Hope you can follow.

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    I agree this would be useful. Maybe just a little icon of the Tailor logo next to the page name to visually annotate which ones have actively been Tailored already. This would be especially helpful if there is more than one admin, so that the others know when to jump straight into Tailor for editing.

    Plugin Author Andrew Worsfold


    Thanks for the feature request. I understand what’s being asked for now and will consider adding this to a future release.

    For those who may stumble upon this feature request, I have found a good way to signify that a post has been tailored. Utilizing the Admin Columns plugin, you can setup a new columns with the following settings:

    Type: Custom Field
    Label: Tailor?
    Width: 50px
    Field: _tailor_layout
    Field Type: Has Content

    This will get you a post edit table that looks like this. Pretty slick!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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