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  • Hello,

    I like your plugin very much. I see its potential as a language teaching tool for kids where students could be asked to doodle a picture representing something in the second language (e.g. a letter in the second language or a foreign script, a word, etc..) or perhaps they may be asked to follow directions in the foreign language and draw what they understood. The widget could be a means of displaying a student work.

    Scenario: On my language teaching blog, I may post an activity where I ask students to doodle the picture of a person who I would describe using the foreign language. There could be a link on that page leading students to the “doodle creator” to carry out this learning activity. The widget could display all the students’ doodles which visually represent their understanding.

    Or I may ask my students to use the doodle creator to come up with a beautiful calligraphy or art representing a word in the foreign script. The widget could display all their work.

    In summary:

    1) Is there a way we can tag the created doodles with a custom tag from the plugin’s “manage doodles page” and display only those doodles with that particular tag as an image gallery via the widget?

    2) Could this tagging process be automatically done and simply assigned by the teacher or post author beforehand? This may entail adding some sort of functionality where the teacher could embed a link to the “doodle creator” via a shortcode and then add an attribute (say tag=’activty1′) thereby assigning the tag:”activity1″ to all doodles created by students who follow that link to the doodle creator.

    3) Is there a way to make the widget link that leads to “doodle creator” page or post-specific (meaning that if a user clicks on that link from the widget and creates a doodle, it will be tagged with a custom tag specific to that page/post)? Consequently, the widget could display only those doodles created from that post/page? [Note: this would imply that the widget could be page/post specific and not site wide. Again some shortcode may be needed]

    4) If tagging is possible, could we also have the widget display more than one thumbnail and have the gallery display a subset of thumbnails (not all – just those tagged with a specific tag or a combination of tags)?

    When looking at plugins, I always try to see if it can serve my needs as an educator as well as my students needs. Essentially, from a teacher’s perspective, it would be neat if the gallery could populate the page with doodles pertaining to specific content/topics/tags – not all content.

    Forgive me for my long post. Just some thoughts! Thanks and best regards!

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