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    As per previous thread, we would really appreciate if you would consider adding support for the following event:
    describes an invoice
    Occurs X number of days before a subscription is scheduled to create an invoice that is charged automatically, where X is determined by your subscriptions settings.

    Our process is this:

    Member subscribes to yearly membership 01/01/2018
    Membership is paid on the day as per normal stripe process.
    One month prior to subscription renewing, so 01/12/2018, customer is sent an email with a copy of their invoice.
    31/12/2018 subscription is renewed as per existing stripe process.

    Essentially, the only new part is a way to listen to the stripe events and email the customer to advise a renewal is impending at X days from the date of the email.

    This could also apply for monthly or weekly renewals depending on our business. If you need further information about the use case please let me know I’ll be happy to answer.


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  • Plugin Author wsspg


    Hi Gem !

    This has been added to the list of requested features. There isn’t a schedule for the release of this feature, so please be patient.

    The intention is to provide an action/filter for *all* Stripe events, using the WordPress hook system (; this would enable you (or anyone else) to hook your desired functionality in however you see fit.

    This would essentially require you to develop something specific to your use-case yourself (or hire someone to do so), and would enable Wsspg to remain relatively lightweight and easier to maintain.

    I will update this thread when more information is available (and mark it solved in the meantime).

    Thank you for using Wsspg ! If you have a spare moment please consider giving it a rating.

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