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    Seems the height of columns is decided mostly by the content/widget inside of it.. this ends up making columns wildly inconsistent in a row. So I’d like to request the ability to manually set the height of columns.. maybe also the option to have the columns match the highest height in the row like other editors.

    BTW I know you can adjust the padding/margins but that’s just as inconsistent especially in different resolutions.

    I’m a premium user and I’ve been enjoying plugin so far.

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    Columns inherit the min height of row, So if you set the row height to 400px the columns in that row will also have a minimum height to 400px unless the content/widgets in columns takes more up more height than that column will adjust according to its content. If we make it fixed the content/widgets of that column will flow out of the column and make it weird looking and unresponsive.

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