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Feature Request: Spell Checker

  • I haven’t seen any comments/requests for a spell checker in WordPress, so I’m going to make one. We certainly wouldn’t need to write our own, perhaps just find a way to integrate aspell/ispell/etc. Thoughts or comments?

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    Do you have a link or something? I looked for ispell, but it looks like a GNU app, which would need to be ported over to PHP or something….. Um, let me do some checking, there might be something we can use.

    A quick search on php.net reveals spell checking support through some pspell functions.

    B2 had some support using the same tech i suppose. for me, Opera does the spell check. In the latest P1 atleast! 😀

    pspell is an optional PHP module that is often not included, in my experience.

    Well, that certainly makes it a bit trickier.

    There’s a spell check for IE, I just use that if I’m using IE to post. 🙂

    i use iespell. http://www.iespell.com

    matt – is there a simple way to check for existance of pspell, and if show put up a check-spelling button (and related functionality when clicked, of course! ;))?
    the more I post, the more I’d like something to sanity-check me. and I hate writing it up in Word to start with then spell/grammar check then copy-paste into the browser… and of course Word may not always be readily available from wherever I’m posting… 🙂

    Well, I’d suggest either posting by e-mail, and using the spell checker in Outlook (or any similar email client), or downloading and using w.bloggar to poast your messages, which has an in-built spell checker in it.

    You could use aspell dictionaries or something, and do the actual spell checking with your own php scripts. Might be a bit slow.

    It would also be neat to see a spelling web service that worked over XML-RPC.

    Good thoughts — but again, I think there needs to be something resident on the server side of things. I might be posting from a net-cafe or something — you never know. And I’m sure heavy-weight bloggers (a few entries a day) are posting from completely random locations.

    You might want to check this out. SpellerPages is opensource available on SourceForge. I haven’t implemented it myself but it sounds pretty straight forward.

    Hmmm, that looks interesting at quick-glance. Have to dig in a bit more.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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