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  • Hello, great plugin!
    i would like to request a new feature which is very simple:

    Since i sort my taxonomies, i would like them to show in that order when they appear in the taxonomy meta box as well. Meaning when i edit a post or a custom post type, i would like the taxonomies to show up on the specified order.


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  • Plugin Author Freddie


    Hey @lab21,

    Unless I’m misunderstanding the request, this is already a feature of the plugin. If your taxonomies are in a different order in the sidebar metabox as pictured below, something else is wrong.

    Category Page Ordering:


    Let me know if that’s what you have! If you’re not using Gutenberg or WordPress 5.3 your metabox still will look slightly different as well.


    Hey @fmixell thanks for the quick reply!

    I am not using Gutenberg, i do have the latest WP install.

    If i remove the

    if( ! is_admin() )

    from the function yikes_custom_tax_order_front_end_init everything works well.

    Thank is why i made this request…

    I am referring to a custom taxonomy that i created. I checked on a different project as well and it works the same way.



    Yes, this seems to be a deliberate choice: the taxonomies are not ordered if looking at them within the admin interface (comment: “Order the taxonomies on the front end”). Which is where I want to see them reordered! 🙂

    @lab21’s fix makes then reorder for me too, but of course it’ll only survive until the next plugin update. 🙁

    I feel like we’re missing an importing bit of info here, but I’m not sure what it is…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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