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  • LMP


    This has been requested at least twice before.

    (And I don’t understand why such a useful and simple to implement feature is being ignored by the development team. I wish there was a third-party wordpress plugin that could do this.)

    I refer you to the following forum post for reference. it’s 3 years old.

    and this is 5 years old.

    Since a description of the request is already in the post I linked to above, I will only add it here in the form of a block quote instead of adding my own description.

    When you want to add a plugin, you perform a search. The results are unsorted which isn’t very helpful. We need a way of sorting by rating, version, # downloads, timestamp, etc.

    I was just trying to find a plugin to do something specific. I entered a search term and got a list of unsorted results. I clicked the Popular link above the search field, thinking that it would sort the results by their popularity, but I ended up on some other page that listed random, unrelated plugins that were “popular”.

    It be very helpful to be able to sort through whatever search results that come up after you enter a search term.

    Suggestions for sort factors – in no particular order.

    – Number of active installs
    – Rating
    – Compatibility with the current installed version of WordPress – hides results which have not been tested with the users current version of WordPress.

    Adding such filters will help the user insofar as it reduces the amount of plugins they would have to look through when trying to search for a plugin via the WordPress Admin.

    Thank you.

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  • swissspaceboy


    100% agree. The plugin repo is a complete mess.

    But seeing the zero action of WP on this matter, I can only conclude that they really don’t care.


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