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    Block and feature ideas:

    – Dynamic options for your blocks and elements (similar than elementor or some generateblocks bocks). It would be amazing, if we can calling dynamic data into your blocks. (titles, contents, button links, images, background images ect.

    – Icon / image block: you can put into an svg icon or image, title, subtitle, content and button.

    – Classic banner (or call to action?) block: Background image with hover effect, Title, sub title, content and button, with aligment options. So with it we could make profession product banners and campaign ads to our webshop. 🙂

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    – Dynamic features to build dynamic data are already available in our premium Query addon

    – icon block and all blocks which have icon picker already has option to use plain SVG or upload svg image

    – this doesn’t require a separate block, it can be made with Container + button block + Heading block. We will add ready pattern soon for this

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    SVG should not set the width and height by Size!
    This is seriously wrong, because not all svg designs have to be square. For example, brand logos! Google logos, Amazon logos…
    The right thing to do should be to allow customizing the width and height values of the SVG. This would be more flexible.

    Suggestions for Advanced heading block improvements.
    Cancel Font Family option, you can set font-weight freely.

    Because, using system-ui is the best choice of font.

    No need to force to choose google font, we just need system-ui font, it’s very good!

    Suggestions for Slider And Carousel improvements.
    Now only 2 Slides can be added by default?
    Am I encountering a bug?

    Plugin Author wpsoul


    1. Size control container. Svg automatically fit to container and it doesn’t matter which height you have. Try and you will see. Also, for custom svg code, better to use Svg shape block

    2. I don’t know where you find information that you must set font family. All options in all blocks are optional and not required

    3. You can unlimited slider items to slider. There is plus and duplicate icon in toolbar for this.

    Where is the option to add items to Slider And Carousel?

    Svg shape block Where is it again?

    SVG Shape Divider!!!You’ve managed to subvert my level of perception!

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    Plugin Author wpsoul


    I already wrote. It’s in toolbar

    Slider tutorial

    Check video, Greenshift slider is improved version of Gutencon slider

    2. Type /svg in editor and you will find SVG shape divider block. It has possibility to set custom shape code

    Plugin Author wpsoul


    Closing this

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