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    It would be very useful if the plugin would save the author and provider as meta data / custom fields to an image.


    1. Makes it easier to edit the output of image credits
    2. Allows users to keep track of where they sourced their images from by running a custom query for the image, date, author and provider.

    Thanks again for this amazing plugin!

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    Hi @mattv

    This does indeed sound useful, I will make sure this is part of the next release.

    Thank you,




    This information is already saved as a post thumbnail (attachment) excerpt, so you can get it with the get_the_excerpt( get_post_thumbnail_id() ).

    @ionutcalara, I use this feature (the post thumbnail excerpt ), so, please, don’t remove it accidentally. And thank you for your work! 🙂

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    @ionutcalara Thank you 🙂

    @iuriem There’s a caption field but that’s just a bunch of text. If you want to change it, you have to parse it and that can get messy if you’re working with many different providers.

    If the author and provider would be stored separately, it would be much easier for users to create their own caption markup.

    It also allows us to do more creative things, like creating a page with a table that shows all images used on the site with publish date, author and provider.

    You can still use captions, no worries. This is just an extra feature.



    @mattv, you are right! 🙂

    Plugin Contributor ionut.calara


    @mattv , @iuriem

    The latest version (3.1.6) is going to store the following new meta fields on the attachment.

    stockpack_media_id – the id on the provider database
    stockpack_provider – the provider name
    stockpack_author_url – the author URL
    stockpack_author_name – the author name
    stockpack_image_url – the image URL
    stockpack_download_timestamp – the Unix timestamp corresponding to the download time

    I think this should be all the information needed from the stock images provider to be able to verify the download source, display download history, or create a custom caption.

    Finally, I also added an action after the image gets uploaded, and I pass the original data to it, so it can be used to store more information if needed or to update the caption based on the information that I already stored.

    This is the action: do_action( 'stockpack_after_attachment_uploaded', $attach_id,$image );

    I will close this ticket, but if you have further questions, feel free to reopen.

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