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    Are there any plans to add revenue sharing for multi-author sites? Typically this is done by setting a percentage of page views that show the authors adverts, with the rest showing the default id. You appear to be pretty close to that functionality already (you already have the def values available in case the author hasn’t filled in a field) – seems like an extra db field for percentage and a randomization at display time would do it.

    Thanks 🙂

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  • Plugin Author paulstuttard



    Yes I was intending on adding something like this, wasn’t sure if there was any demand.

    I can add something simple in the next revision, first pass will probably be a bit clunky, e.g. Have to duplicate your ‘Defaults’ Channel into a ‘Revenue’ channel, then set this new channel to be used for x% of links/page views.


    That sounds great!

    Plugin Author paulstuttard



    I have created a pre-release version of the plugin, that supports the Revenue Sharing option.

    I have added very basic rules to the Associate ID/Channels.

    So if you create another set of Associate IDs, lets say called ‘Revenue’ as above.

    In the Channel settings, there is a text box called ‘Channel Filter’: this now support the following strings:

    • rand=20% – 20% of ‘shortcodes’ will use this Channel/set of Associate IDs
    • author=<ID> – Posts with Author ID ‘ID’ will use this Channel
    • cat=X,Y,Z – Posts in these Categories (X,Y,Z) will use this Channel
    • type=[post|page] – Posts of this type will use this Channel
    • tag=A,B,C – Posts with these tags will use this Channel


    You can put multiple rules in the text box (as long as they are different types), and if the post meets any of the rules it will use that channel.

    The manual shortcode setting ‘chan=MyChannel’ will still override these Rules.

    The category matching is done by the WordPress function has_category and the tag matching is done by the WordPress function has_tag. So the items can be the Name, Slug or ID.

    If the selected Channel does not have all locales configured then the plugin will use the ones in the ‘default’ channel. If these aren’t configured it will use the ones hardcoded into the plugin.

    Give it a try if you want and let me know if it works as you wanted,


    Plugin Author paulstuttard


    Now in 3.1.0

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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