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    After a few years of usage, we’ve grown a Memphis Documents library to the point of it being a giant mess.

    I wish there were a way to move and re-organize Folders, and when you do so, all the documents in each come along with the Folder you’re moving.

    This is different than just re-ordering a Folder or list of Folders. I want the ability to move a Folder within another. The key point is that all files in each folder need to be moved as well.

    Right now, for me to a do Folder re-organization I have to grab all the documents, delete the Folder they are in and then recreate that Folder in where I need and then re-upload each document.

    Lastly, any chance of adding one more subfolder level? We’re hitting limits of Folder organization with just three levels.

    Thanks for a fantastic plugin!

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  • Plugin Author bhaldie


    Have u tried using batch file move it might speed your process up.

    And to answer your second question the folder limit has no plans of expanding. Adding another layer of folder creates a lot of issues and I have no plans of adding it anytime soon.

    What is batch file move? You mean an Export and then Import? I have not tried that yet. Does that retain the file mdocs data?

    We have requirements where we need to keep the file metadata (number of downloads, etc) for each file. Folder recreation is not ideal.

    Plugin Author bhaldie


    There is a check box beside every document, if u check it a menu will appear and u have some batch options one of them is moving to different folders .

    And yes data is retained

    Perfect! I completely missed this feature. It looks like this will do what I need!

    Plugin Author bhaldie


    Hope so 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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