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    Is there a reason why does not have a “private site” feature, as does? I know there are plugins, but this seems an easy feature to add, and the quantity of plugins for this feature suggest that it is in demand.

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  • Moderator Marius L. J.



    That would be because the WordPress core software is made for the masses, the majority of users do not make private sites, this is why we keep such functionality outside and controlled by plugins instead.

    Hi Marius, thanks for the response. A few logical queries here.

    1. Perhaps the causality runs the other way? For example, it is quite plausible that “the majority of users” don’t make private sites in WordPress because the feature is not in core. Obviously plugins bring with them additional complexity and risk, which some people may not be willing to take. So they choose different software instead of WordPress. This hidden demand is therefore not reflected in your statement.

    2. Why do you expect users don’t want to use a feature that users use? Do you think that people with a .com blog are for some reason more in favour of private sites? I would tend to assume the opposite.

    3. As a WordPress user since Cafepress, I have seen hundreds of features that were once available as plugins brought into core (e.g. Sticky posts). What makes private sites different?

    4. There are many WordPress features that are not used by “the majority” of WordPress users. For example, Child Themes. By your logic of a simple majority, is there a case for removing these features? If not, then what is the validity of the “simple majority” metric?

    I short, I think your answer amounts to a tautology: “we don’t do it because we don’t do it.”

    I really don’t think the reasoning is because of this: “we don’t do it because we don’t do it.”. The reasoning is actually because making a site private is best handled at the server level for both practical and efficiency reasons.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    I’m not part of the core team in any way, but I have found the Philosophy page on explains things when wondering “why isn’t this in core?”:

    Okay, thanks all. Looks like it’s not coming to core any time soon.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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