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  • So, I’m trying to be clever in building certain pages on my site recursively.

    Basically, I’ve got a number of sub-pages on specific topics that are part of a “guide” having multiple hierarchical “sections.” I want people to be able to link to pages with:

    1) Just the specific section they want.
    2) All subsections (subsections 1.3.1-14) grouped into a single page super-section (section 1.3)
    3) All sub-sections (1.1-5) groped together into a chapter (Chapter 1.)

    To do this, I’m using the Posts-for-page plugin to create the sub-sections, then “pull” them into the sections and then again using the plugin to pull the subsections into the chapters.

    I’d like to think it’s pretty clever.

    However, the separator horizontal rule between “pulled in” sections & sub-sections ruins the effect, in terms of continuity. I’d like a parameter horizontal_rule=’false’ (or however you prefer to phrase it) to get rid of it. Don’t know whether it would insert a paragraph after, or simply leave it up to the page designer to ensure sufficient ‘space’ after the posts?

    Is this possible? Thanks!

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