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  • I’ve seen this asked for a couple of times. I love the Page feature in WP15, but I would really like to be able to have them in Draft mode and not Publish immediately.

    Someone also mentioned having them Private too… which I like the idea of.

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  • Yeah, this is what i’ve been after too. Would be very useful!

    I would love it if this capability were implemented. I’m using pages to publish tutorials for a 3D software program. It would be great to be able to develope the pages in draft mode and publish when all was complete.

    I’m interested too. I have a client who wants to wheel out short stories through Pages, but there is no way to hold them back before they are declared “ready to roll” like posts can be held.

    May I add my voice to this request? It will be a very useful feature, but might blur the line further between pages and posts.

    Since regular posts can be in draft mode and not appear, and links to external pages can be set to not be visible, it only makes sense to have this feature on pages.

    I use pages for various things, and want to be be able to easily enable/disable them.

    The other thing is that pages show as being in category Uncategorized – yet as far as I know there is no way of changing that, or using that feature.

    No, Pages don’t have categories and cannot be “categorized”. However, it’s good to know Pages will always belong to the default category; i.e. to the catgeory what is/was the default in the moment of their creation.

    I just figured out how to hack around this. Go directly into your mySQL database manager and edit the table ‘wp_posts’ directly if you are brave. Search for all records where post_status=’static’ – if you change any of these to post_status=’draft’ they will not appear, you can then change them back to static when you want them. However you can’t make any changes from within WordPress when they are in draft.

    On second thoughts, changing them to ‘draft’ makes them a regular post in draft mode that you can edit in WordPress, in Posts instead of Pages.

    Which means the moment you hit “Publish” it will be treaded as a post and not as a page.

    And for what ever it’s worth, I’d like to see draft pages capability as well.


    >>Which means the moment you hit “Publish” it will be treaded as a post and not as a page.<< That’s fine for the way I work, I usually have a whole lost of draft pages lying around, and am carefull not to publish them before their time is right. But caution must be exercised – it’s a hack.

    Then why the need for pages, if it’s just going to be a regular post anywho? What my point was that it will be posted as a REGULAR POST, and will NOT appear as a page. And it was more of a warning to those who may not be as savy that try this.

    For those who may try this that are wondering how then to post the page: Edit the status and set it back to “static”.


    Pages do not show in the regular stream of date ordered posts, depending on the theme they might be individually listed from the main page. I’m only using a few and playing around with how usefull they might be. I guess they could be linked to as general resource pages from individual posts.

    Some of my blogs are included as subsites within regular web sites that already have pages, so for those there is no need for WordPress pages.

    Would it be worth just having a checkbox (eg make static) to promote a post to be a page? Or would that just be confusing?

    Pages aren’t really useable without a publishing system.

    I’d like to chime in here — I’ve had great success using WordPress with my clients as their sole CMS. Most do not do any blogging, they just use WordPress Pages to manage their sites, and it’s quite successful. But a draft mode that allowed them to work on new pages and not publish them until they’re ready, and also to make changes to an existing page but not have those changes “pushed live” until the editor is satisfied, would be awesome.


    likewise…would love to have more control over pages: draft -> publish -> draft


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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