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    Hi, I’m using “Easy FancyBox” since a couple of years and I’m still very, very happy with it. Thanks a lot for providing a really great plugin!

    Yesterday, however, I stumbled upon another fancybox plugin called “Polaroid Gallery”. This adds a nice visual effect to image galleries by displaying gallery thumbnails as scattered (randomly turned by some 5 to 10 degrees) pola prints. However, it offers only a few configuration options and does not work satisfyingly with single images placed inline in articles.

    My “dream solution” would be an extra option in my favorite “Easy FancyBox” plugin. Imagine a shortcut parameter like “polaroid=true” in any given gallery which would switch on a “pola mode” for the specified gallery (and only for that one). This would enable the user to display a “casual looking” image gallery where it makes sense (like in a collection of holiday snapshots) but leave other galleries untouched (i.e. in technical topics etc.).

    I’d like to propose this to the author of “Easy FancyBox” in case he has lots of leisure time at hand and is desperately looking for new features to implement… 😉

    Thanks for reading this. Best wishes from Germany,

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  • Plugin Author RavanH


    Hi, does the Polaroid Gallery plugin have an option to switch off its light box effect? If so, you should be able to use the both plugins together…

    Hi, unfortunately, no. Polaroid Gallery currently offers very few configuration options (and has some annoying glitches as well). That’s why I thought that adding a “polaroid” feature to a very sophisticated plugin like Easy FancyBox would be better (and probably easier) than the other way round (trying to lift a very basic plugin to the quite sophisticated level of Easy FancyBox)… 😉


    Plugin Author RavanH


    It’s a nice idea but I’m afraid gallery effects like that are well outside the scope of the light box plugin. Sorry.

    OK, I understand. Thank you nevertheless for considering the idea and answering quickly! 🙂


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