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  • The codex says: “With the new Pages feature in 1.5, it’s easy to use WordPress for basic content management.” I totally agree and I was delighted to see this feature added. My needs are not extensive enough to justify a full blown CMS package, so having this alongside my blog is absolutely perfect.

    I wondered if I could suggest just taking this concept a bit further by providing options for pages on the editing interface, as we already do for posts? Right now with pages, you are either published or not. There are no other options, so I would suggest:

    * Draft
    * Published
    * Unlisted
    * Private

    Let me explain the “Unlisted” options as I think the rest are self explanatory. This is in effect the <?php wp_list_pages(‘arguments’); ?> with the exclude arguement. This would allow the user to exclude a page from a page list without having to hand edit the style sheet. To have this option available on the fly, along with the others, would open up all sorts of possibilities for WordPress Pages.

    BTW, many thanks to the development team on v.2 I have been running it for a week now with no major problems. Simply legend!


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  • Well, as posts and pages are essentially the same thing, you should be able to mark a page private just like a post — otherwise, published vs draft should already ‘exist’ as the two stages of publishing.

    Marking a page to not be listed? Well, as you not, you can already do this yourself — granted, you have to add the particular syntax, but not all themes show a page list anyway…


    David, unfortunately there is NO draft status for Pages, as there is no Private status for Pages either. Unless you hack some core files 🙂

    I think the addition of the “Pages” to WordPress some time ago was an excellent move. I have read that actually people are using WordPress more and more to even do just basic websites… or at least wrap a lot of content around their blog. (hence the plug to make a page the front page of WordPress)

    So hence my suggestion. It is a pity that with “pages” there are no options. I don’t know the code behind the different status options for “posts”, but I wonder if the concept is very similar and could be used for pages.

    Introducing the three options from posts into pages, along with an “unlisted” status, would make the administration of WordPress as a CMS much more powerful.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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