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  • Resolved MGmirkin


    So, there’s an option in the Settings to turn on “JavaScript Mode” which makes it render results similar to Google Analytics, by ignoring requests from browsers without JavaScript support.

    When this got turned on recently our total page views went from 600-800/day to about 50-150/day, and unique IPs dropped a bit too.

    Now that I’ve turned it back off, total page views seem to be climbing back to original levels. But there’s a weird looking “trough” in the data now.

    It would be kind of cool if it were possible to code a “dual-mode” option. Where it would record BOTH sets of data and distinguish between them in the graphs.

    Perhaps a bipartite system with “Unique IPs, JavaScript-only; Total hits, Javascript-only” and “Unique IPs, ALL; Total hits, ALL” (including non-JavaScript capable browsers). So, basically you’s have two blue graphs and two green graphs, or something like that. So, you can see kind of the difference between real humans and humans + scripts (search bots & spammers).

    I suppose if one really wanted to, one could also have a third pair of graphs for “non-JavaScript ONLY” which would essentially be the portion of views that were mostly ‘bots of some form.

    See what I’m saying? I think that woulds be handy… As opposed to ONLY collecting one kind of info or the OTHER kind of info, collect BOTH kinds of info and let the admin decide which to display? Or, maybe let the admin tell which type(s) to CAPTURE and then ALSO let them specify how they want ti displayed in their widgets? That is, if they really only want to CAPTURE the human stream, do that. If they want to capture both streams do that, and then specify which to display by default on the graph (but with the ability to display either / both / all ways).

    Make sense?

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  • Plugin Author Jason Crouse


    You can do that already by setting a filter where visit_id > 0 😉


    PS: a vote for my plugin would be a nice way to say thank you.

    Done. ! 🙂

    & see my other thread. Would love a metric of bandwidth usage! Filterable by the usual criteria, users/bots, sessions, IPs, specific pages, overall daily usage, etc., etc.

    Would come in really handy ATM.

    P.S. I think our web dev turned on Java Mode by accident which shot the page counts in the foot. I turned it back off and am getting better page view tracking again.

    Anyway, it seems like the info I was kind of looking for was captured in the “Overview” view versus the “Visitors” view. Overview seems to give “Total Unique IPs + Total Views” whereas Visitors seems to just give “Human Unique IPs + Human Views” (more-or-less). It would be kind of interesting to see all 4 graphs on the same page.

    Though I’m guessing when “‘Bot Total Views” are factored in, the scales would be so big that “‘Bot Unique IPs,” “Human Total Views,” “Human Unique IPs” would all amount to straight lines on the bottom, which might not be all that useful. At least as it stands on our site, currently, with human views around 40/day and ‘bot views from same-IP crawlers in the 20’s of thousands per day.

    Plugin Author Jason Crouse


    For the bandwidth issue, which you requested multiple times in various topics, please see

    As for your other request, you can actually create your own custom reports and add them to WP SlimStat 😉 It’s just a matter of hiring the right guy for the job.

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