• Let me start by saying, I always install the Classic Editor plugin for WordPress. The reason I do that is because I type a ton of html in the editor. I know it can be done with the new WordPress editor. I have to–on a daily basis: 1) toggle between visual and text to see how the page looks, 2) have to add tons of html in the text form to create websites and cannot do it with the visual editor, and 3) need to switch back and forth sometimes. I’m not sure how to do it with the “new” WordPress editor (which isn’t so new at the time of this thread) but I’m sure it’s possible. The blocks seem to make it more difficult.

    I’d love it if we had both editors in WordPress. Call one the Basic editor, for instance, and the new one Advanced editor. I’d love to see both in WordPress without having install a plugin for the old style editor. I don’t think it would bloat the code that much. Furthermore, I think that would bring all of us back together.

    By the way, I’m just a website designer. I don’t work for WordPress. Rather, this is my feature request slash suggestion.

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