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  • As a super admin I’d like to network activate the plugin and authorize it for all sites from the network control panel.

    .. please 🙂

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  • Hello @pers . I am leader developer on the Unsplash project and maintainer of multisite. The plugin does support multisite currently, but the API key needs to be registered on each site. The api key is linked to the domain of the site and is limited to a number of requests per hour. If you had one key for all sites on the network, then you would be limited by the requests per hour.

    If you want take this risk, there is a php filter called unsplash_api_credentials that allows you to use one key for all sites.

    @spacedmonkey, I understand why and I also prefer a key per site. Is it possible to auto add the key when I create a site? I.e. do the same as when clicking “Complete setup”.

    The key generation process requires you to login in a browser to your account, so I am not sure we could automate that.

    How about a custom WP CLI command, would something like that work for you?

    For other plugins I use the wpmu_new_blog hook, could you create code that I could run when the hook is triggered?

    @spacedmonkey, maybe you could use the/a key in network admin as the main key when auto adding keys per subsite ? i.e. super admin must manually authenticate herself once.

    I would not recommend using wpmu_new_blog as this hook is deprecated in 5.1.

    Have a network wide key opens up a rabbit hole of edge cases and issues. It is a reported issue and we look at it have time.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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