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  • Hi – i was loving this plugin until i realized that i can only create one instance of the Recent Posts thereby not being able to have multiple widgets e.g., would have like to have had one in sidebar showing site-x, and another widget recent posts in footer showing site-y … but as it is now, this plugin will only allow one instance …

    cheers – chuck scott

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  • I second this! It is such a flexible widget, it would be great to use it in two different ways.

    Hi ! Same request here, it would be great !

    In the meantime, for those who aren’t afraid of getting dirty, here’s a workaround (making a clone of the plugin) :

    1) Choose a beautiful name for the widget’s clone (i chose “diamund”)
    2) Duplicate the whole “diamond_multisite_widgets” folder
    3) Replace all files names by replacing “diamond” with “diamund” including the main folder
    4) Using a powerful text editor (as Textmate on mac), replace the string “diamond” with the name you chose (i.e. “diamund”) in all the files of the widget folder
    5) Using the same powerful text editor, replace
    update_option(' with update_option('diamund_
    get_option(' with get_option('diamund_
    6) In the functions.php file, for every function (3 times), add this before : `if(!function_exists(‘FUNCTION_NAME’)){
    and this after : }
    (Of course, replace FUNCTION_NAME by the actual name of the function)
    7) It may be possible that you need to do the same in your original widget file, so copy your function.php file in that folder too.
    8) Activate your new widget. It works exactly as the real one and should not interfere.

    9) Repeat the process using another name as many times as you need…

    Note : I’m a wordpress newbie, so i can’t tell but it could possibly be very bad to do this at home

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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