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  • I have to move from WP to MT my blog. I think WP is best open source blog platform but it’s for specific reasons, which I won’t explain here, that I need to migrate to MovableType. I don’t find such feature on WP. I think it should be useful even for having multiple syncronized copies of a blog on different platforms. In example w.bloggar client allows syncronized posting on multiple blogging platforms, even if WP will be really supported only from version 4.0. Thanks in advance.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I doubt very much that you will find that SixApart wrote exporters for their data. If they want people to move to MT, they will develop those tools.
    Your question is better asked in a MT forum.

    …and the MT forum will probably send him right back here to find out how WordPress exports its data. To save you the trouble, this is at present impossible. An export feature been requested before, but understandably the WordPress development effort is concentrated on attracting users to the software rather than encouraging them to leave. Despite what Podz said, MT made export a standard feature and are paying for it now. If they had locked their users in they wouldn’t be running to WordPress, so I doubt that WordPress will be repeating their mistake.
    Is there any way you could switch to Textpattern rather than MT? I believe they have a WordPress import feature which operates direct on the database. It doesn’t have true multiblog support or trackback but in other respects it is more similar to MT than WordPress.

    it’s quite possible to export your wp entries into the mt import file format. you’ll need to create a new template and new functions to output your entries, comments, and trackbacks using only the stripslashes function and no other filter. the template should be used against either the monthly archive or category archive. your entries will then be paged. you’ll need to save and import each page into mt.

    Yes, you can do a mySQL dump, but that’s outside the WordPress interface and presupposes a knowledge of mySQL. There is also no business rationale for Six Apart putting the effort into making a parser for a WP database when the numbers wanting to switch from WP to MT are so vanishingly small, and when the WP database structure changes from one release to the next. If you’re not a coder — ie unable to write new functions or create such a parser yourself — you are locked in, but WordPress is such good software that I doubt many people here will see that as a problem. 🙂

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