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  • Hi

    I’m exclusively using Gutenberg for my personal blog posts, and I really like the Media and Text block, which allows me to, well, present an image and corresponding text nicely next to it.

    I’d really fancy a way to make the image link to something though. Is that possible?

    Best regards

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  • Ha. I was just coming here to make this exact some request. Agreed that it would be great to have the ability to link the image.

    One use case is with a personel list to link to bios and a list of newsletters with links to the files. Obviously, we can add a link in the text area but it would be great if users could click on the image for the item as well.

    And double ha. I have the exact same request. Right now, I can make my image clickable, but it doesn’t align properly with the text. With Media & Text, the alignment is perfect, but I lose the ability to have a clickable image. This would be a much welcome feature for those of us who rely on blocks, not code, to make our pages look professional.


    I have a work around for this. I got so frustrated with this lacking option that I spent an hour or so trying to “hack” it, so to speak. This is what I came up with:
    Instead of creating a Media & Text block create a Columns block. Copy your already linked image and paste it into one of the columns (if you don’t already have the linked image on the page you are working on upload a new image and give it the correct link association before copying it). Then create your text in the column next to it. And in order to align it properly just insert a Spacer block on top of your text and make it as large or small as needed in order to center your text on the image (click the + sign and you will have this option). I hope this works for you.

    Did you test this responsively? I’m not sure this would work across devices and screen sizes but that’s just me guessing. Haven’t hopped into a site to test.

    No, it doesn’t work correctly on mobile phone devices (in portrait mode).

    Using a table, with 2 columns – the words get split up when viewed on a mobile phone, with line breaks actually occurring mid-word!

    I also like the idea of using the Media & Text option, but need to be able to embed a link in the image – because that is what people expect.

    It works responsively on the two devices I am currently able to test on (iPhone and iPad). On the phone the image and the text gets stacked with text below the image, aligned nicely (both portrait and landscape mode), and on the iPad it looks just like on my desktop when in landscape mode and slightly more squeezed together when in portrait (and maybe ever so slightly misaligned). But I totally agree that the option to embed a link in an image in a Media & Text block) is needed.

    It would be fantastic, if Gutenberg could make this feature request available.

    I’ve been frustrated for some time by the lack of a ‘link to media file’ option when including an image in a mixed media block.
    Why is it not there? Seems like an obvious feature as it is available with image blocks.

    Anyway, my workaround is to create an image block below a text block, link the media to the source file so that it pops up when clicked, move the image block above the text and then left or right justify the image block so it sits next to the text. Not perfect, but better than no pop up link.

    I would be happy if this feature came with one of the next versions.


    John Brand


    Yeah. I’m also missing this feature. Now I have to use additional blocks to “create” a simple layout like this.

    I came here to make this request as well. I’m currently using the Featherlight plugin to convert all images with a link to their media file into a lightbox – would be great to enable this when using the Media & Text block.

    For now, I have the accompanying text link to open the lightbox, but would be 100x more intuitive to have the link on the image itself.

    Another vote to add this functionality! It’s such a nice element, but very frustrating that the image can’t link to anything.

    I came here to make this request as well.

    Hi Everyone! Just wanted to let you know that I’ve added this feature to EditorsKit plugin which you can download for free here along side more useful features to help navigate easily and save a lot of time using the brand new editor. Thanks a lot and I hope you’ll enjoy this feature 👌

    We’re not seeing the link functionality in the plugin. Has it been removed?

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