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  • It’d be nice if you could make a normal post or page a product.

    For example, I have eShop, but I want to move to WooCommerce, but as you might know, eShop gives your normal posts and pages the ability to be products (instead of making a new custom post type). And if you can make that happen, please also make an option not to put all the extra stuff into the post, except for variation selection and add-to-cart button at the top or bottom (simple like eShop, WooCommerce is nice, but too complicated sometimes in that regard).

    The WooCommerce shortcode button in the kitchen sink works (somewhat) for the same purpose, too complicated for an end user/client who doesn’t want to worry about any sort of “code”. It’d be nice if the button allowed you to choose products using a gui so the user wouldn’t have to worry about finding the id or sku number for a product.

    Lastly, instead of putting a “Select options” button for the stuff generated by the shortcode, why not just include the option selection right there, then show the add-to-cart button after a selection is made. This would provide nearly the same functionality that eShop immigrants are looking for (except having to find product IDs or SKUs for each shortcode is a bit annoying).

    WooCommerce is very nice, but with some simple additions to satisfy users from eShop-style stores, WooCommerce would be much nicer.

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  • Plugin Author James Koster


    This is not really what WooCommerce is designed for so we won’t be adding this feature. I’d recommend using our shortcodes (eg or a plugin that is design to do this out of the box.

    Shortcodes are too complicated for a non-computer-savvy client.

    If I could change any two things for WooCommerce (more like if I had the time) without straying away from what it’s “designed for”, I would (1) make the Kitchen Sink shortcode button have more of a GUI for selecting things so ID numbers or SKU codes don’t need to be remembered/copied/pasted but inserted directly, and (2) change the “Select options” button generated by the shortcode for variable products to an actual option selection dropdown menu to avoid the user having to leave the page just to select product options.

    For those two reasons (and that’s really all) I cannot use WooCommerce on my current project despite how nice it is. 🙁

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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