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    If it sounds possible, would it be possible to add a keyword into the email body, allowing to set up the date of the post ? For example :
    date: 2008/01/30

    This would help me a lot, as I will have to add hundreds of pictures, and I’m quite afraid to have to set up posts dates by hand afterwards… The better would be to have an checkbox into postie setup allowing to set the post date according to the picture’s date, but I don’t know if it is possible to get the attachement’s date (or from exif data)…

    I may have a try, using keyword parsing, and wonder if it could not be made into the DeterminePostDate(…) function, looking for a ‘date:’ keyword, and setting there the date accordingly.



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  • Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    Are you going to script the creation of the emails? If so you could set the date in the email header before sending it. That is what Postie uses for the date.

    Not exactly. I’d rather have this feature included in Postie, with just a keyword added into the email, setting the date. (even if the easiest should be to have an option in postie to ask it to set the date by reading the date of the attached picture).

    I’ve tried two plugins to set the date according to the exif data :
    To get the date from the picture exif
    To keep EXIF data, because GD removes them when resizing

    But, it doesn’t work : exifize doesn’t see any relevant exif data in post’s pictures… 🙁

    I am still looking for a solution, and think adding a keyword ‘date:’ in the email could be the easiest one. For this, I may have a try to modifiy postie, and am wondering what could be the easiest way to do so.
    As I may be the only one to need such a feature, I can help to write it.


    Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    If you want to add the feature I will include it in the main codebase.

    very quickly done… I’ve add

    if (preg_match("/date: ?([0-9]{2})\/([0-9]{2})\/([0-9]{4})/i", $content, $matches) )
        if (checkdate($matches[2], $matches[1], $matches[3]))
            EchoInfo("new date: ".$message_date);

    in postie-functions.php in the PostEmail function, just before (line 186 on 1.4.16) the
    list($post_date, $post_date_gmt, $delay) = DeterminePostDate($content, $message_date, $time_offset);

    This can of course be improved, but it fits what I need…

    I will may try to see if there is a way to get attachement’s date to improve this, and allow to set the date according the post’s one.

    Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    Thanks. I’ve incorporated your code into 1.4.20

    Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    FYI I updated this feature to support time and relative dates.



    Hi oliviern — late to the party, but if you are still monitoring this thread, I am curious to know what issue you had with Exifize My Dates plugin?

    You mentioned it could not pull the exif data from your photos. Can you confirm that the photos have properly formed exif data? And, if so, what error is being thrown?

    Feel free to start a new post on the support forum as well. Thanks.

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