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  • I would also love to see this.

    Especially when the forms offered by some of the assorted integrations might be shown in a spot where having the inline option just doesn’t fit well (even with the compact option which then might look bad in some contexts even if it does fit.)

    In a sense, I then don’t really see why the invisible option wouldn’t become the default at a certain point (at least for new installs while not changing existing sites just in case it might break something.)



    Absolutely agree. Decided to move from ReCaptcha to hCaptcha because it seems to be 1:1, but the plugin itself doesn’t seem to offer this option.



    The “G-Forms hCaptcha” plugin on offers this for Gravity Forms integration (so it’s definitely possible & reasonable to offer, it seems).

    I’d still love to see this official hCaptcha plugin offer it as well to allow it to be invisible across all of the areas this plugin offers its integration. Again, the login form doesn’t look great with the inline option with it being wider than ideal with the compact option then being taller than what’s ideal & also having user interaction requirements on the inline option that can run into issues such as when autofill for a password manager (such as the one built into Safari [iOS & macOS]) wants to auto-submit the form after filling in then likely leaving hCaptcha unchecked while then submitting upon auto-fill to then come back with a failed hCaptcha notice (when invisible could just handle it nicely in both regards; totally out of the way visually while then triggering the captcha-check on submit rather than requiring interaction before submit so auto-fill & submit simply shows the hCaptcha check at that point to then complete the form submission upon successful hCaptcha.)

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    @pixelshrink @kzeni @tecca We just released v1.12.0 with delayed API script load and the invisible feature.

    In invisible mode, a user does not see hCaptcha widget, but when he clicks on Send button of a form, the hCaptcha challenge appears (pictures to select). Then the user response is verified on the server-side by PHP code.

    What is concerning delayed API load, now by default, hcaptcha scripts do not load until the first user interaction: click, mouseenter, scroll or touch.

    You can check the sample page here:

    and see 99/100 PSI scores here:

    Awesome! Will be checking it out now. Thanks for the update.

    This is a great update! Thanks for getting this implemented (and more)!



    The invisible mode seems broke contact form 7 on Safari (from computer) and Chrome/Safari from iOS.

    Any solution?

    @pierpaolob I assume there’s nothing visible that’s an issue (since the invisible mode doesn’t show anything.)

    What happens when you submit the form? Does it submit like it isn’t there, or does it stop the normal submission (as expected) and then doesn’t show the verification popup?

    Did you check Inspect Element for any errors reported in the console? I’m wondering if that could point to the specific issue being encountered.

    Also, do you happen to have any content blockers on your Safari that might be coming into play? One would imagine they wouldn’t have a CAPTCHA required to submit a form hidden, but you never know what might happen with the blocking/hiding rules some have.

    Thanks for the answer.
    When i submit the form, after hCaptcha popup, the form is sent normally but the page is refreshed, so the user don’t know if form is sent becouse there isn’t any thayou message from the form.
    After submission the page url becomes like
    There isn’t any error on console.

    Withouth invisible mode all work fine. The page doesn’t refresh and after the submission a thanyou message is shown.

    I have tested the module on several Macs and iPhones and this problem is present on all of them.

    Hope this can halp you


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