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    Hello! I posted briefly about this in the Google Maps post I made but I made some images to better show you what I was talking about.

    My lists are already almost too “wide” because I have a number of items in them. The “Email” field takes up quite a bit of space. You can see an example here…

    wide userlist with email

    If you could make an option to “Group Contact/Social Media into icons” and then for stuff like email, Facebook, Twitter, etc., it will display the icon rather than a long text link. In the example link below, I used the Jetpack images as they were small and seemed to work good. I think all these fields are already in the user profile so if they are selected for the list and “icon grouping” is on (for example) then it would show them all together rather than with text links. Just an idea that I think would be pretty neat 🙂

    Here is the modified image of what I was thinking…

    Userlist using icons


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  • Plugin Author anmari


    Hi branker,
    I’ll make a note for future updates. Tricky because people like to have control of the icons, so adds another whole dimension – using jetpack is a good idea because more folks may go that way.

    you can achieve this yourself now using pluggable functions – basically write your own formatting functions for those fields.


    Re list being too wide, there are other styles available. It is a cumbdersome name but I called it the ‘public html style’ – because it only to be used for public lists.
    you can do non table lists like this then:

    Member Details

    see end of

    amr users css, html and styling

    Excellent! Sounds good and thanks for the tips. I’ll check them out!

    Hey anmari! I saw your new release… very cool on what I saw upcoming 🙂

    For your list do I have to modify something in order to do 2 columns like that? I looked in the settings and tried a few different things but didn’t get it to look like your list. I selected “simple” for “Public HTML Type” and it did stack the fields but put the avatar way to the right and stacked the fields on the left all in one column the width of the blog. Am I missing a setting or is this require some custom modifying? Thanks!

    Plugin Author anmari


    For the list see

    the key is the css. Css needs to suit the fields you are using and the data in them (width etc). You need as much realistc data as you can get – long fields, short fields – all possible test cases and then tailor css to deal nicely with all of that (and of course be nice and ‘responsive’ to different browser / devices – what fun!

    re the social media – it will be an add-on as in looking at, it definitely should be tailored to a site’s theme etc and best way to do that is as an add-on. The addon can be customised and still maintain upgradeability of the main plugin. Hope to have something out by end of weekend.

    Thanks, anmari! I’m not that good with css but will take a look 🙂

    Plugin Author anmari


    A social profile link option now available. As noted it is an add-on to achieve the level of customising i think is appropriate to make sure icons etc match the website theme.
    It spoonfeeds you through the changes you need with multiple options pre-coded (and one working default).
    If you can edit text carefully with attention to detail, then you can edit the php and css to customise. See the screen shots:

    Am I understanding your site correctly in that for $29.99 I can buy just this plugin or for $59.99 I have access to all your plugins for download for 1 year?

    Plugin Author anmari


    Hi – the plugins on the wpusersplugin site. I have others too. 🙂

    Yes, I saw them there but I was wondering if I was correct on the pricing structure? 🙂 Thanks!

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