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    Basically, it currently treats every heading exactly the same and collapses them all to the “top level” as it were. What I’d REALLY like, and maybe it’s not what this was designed for, but I think it would be easy enough to add an option (per page?), is to have a heirarchical list of expanding texts.

    That is to say I put “Intro” in H2, “About this Guide” in H3 and Acknowledgments in H3. I’d like H2 to collapse and both H3’s to hide “inside” the collapsed H2, if that makes sense? So, we only start out seeing the top-level headers, inside which each lower level header is hidden and so on? H4 headers hidden inside prior H3 headers, H5 headers hidden inside H4 headers?

    Or something similar?

    + Preface H2
    + + About this Guide H3
    + + Acknowledgments H3
    + Introduction H2
    + + The New Picture of Space H3
    + + A Little History H3
    + + The Limits of Theory H3
    + Distances in Space H2
    + + 1.1 Distances to Stars H3
    + + 1.2 H3
    + + 1.3 H3
    + + + 1.3.1 H4
    + + + 1.3.2 H4
    + + 1.4 H3

    If ya’ see what I mean?If we only see H2, all child H3’s & H4’s get hidden. When we expand the H2, we see the headers for the internal H3’s. When we expand the H3’s we see the text plus the headers for H4’s?

    Maybe that would be a forked project, but very similar, dunno? Kind of like a table of contents that expands into the chapters themselves when you click on them?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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