Feature Request: GPG/PGP support for posting via e-mail (1 post)

  1. saumil
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Posting via e-mail is open to a lot of spam and bulk mail. When using insecure networks (e.g. public access wi-fi spots), the secret email ID can be recovered easily by a packet sniffer. One alternative would be to enable SSH on the host server and send out all emails using an SSH tunnel, but a better alternative would be to add GPG signature verification support for WordPress. The way it would work is the following:

    1) WP carries a list of allowed public keys of all the people who are authorised to post.
    2) While posting via e-mail, the outgoing mail should be digitally signed.
    3) WP should /dev/null all e-mails which are not signed appropriately

    optionally, a WP public key can also be set up to encrypt e-mails when posting to WP, but since everything would go on display, no sense in hiding the e-mail traffic.

    I'm not a very proficient PHP coder, and hence I do not know how to integrate GPG support in WP, but any help required with handling GPG messages, I shall be glad to provide.

    -- Saumil

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