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  • This is a small issue, I almost hate to request it. But in the Menus edit area there’s a link “Delete Menu” and it’s in a location that has caused me issues more than once. The problem is that if you’re not thinking (yeah, that’s on me) and you meant to Remove the last menu item it’s REALLY EAST to hit Delete Menu instead. And yes, I know, it warns me that I’m going to delete the menu but I did it twice in the last couple of months and it’s a hassle. Would it be better to have a button for Delete Menu so it doesn’t look like the Remove item link? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have the Delete Menu button somewhere not so close to the Remove link? That’s it, that’s my big ask, because I’m stupid and I got frustrated for my own stupidity.

    OR you could have a way to RESTORE a deleted menu, that would solve the issue too.

    Thanks for listening.

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  • grossindel


    This just happened to me and I wonder why it’s in a sticky position on the footer. I had thought it would simple delete a menu item and not the entire menu.

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