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  • When I come here each day to see if anyone has answered my posts I have a really hard time finding them. I know that my forum posts are linked from my profile here but I can’t find that either since the url has a number instead of my user name. It would be really helpful if there was a link in the side bit there to my profile. This would appear after I logged in, just like the preferences one does, so it should fit in with the design etc easily enough. Then I could find all of my posts without wading through pages and pages of stuff in here.
    It’s only a small change but would make life a huge amount easier. Other forums I belong to have it so I know from experience how helpful it is.

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  • Your member NAME will be to your website, but underneath where it says “member” click on that. 🙂

    use rss to keep track of ur threads.
    and i am trying to get user specific rss feed from the boss… :p

    But to get something with my name on it I need to find one of my own threads, which is what I’m having trouble with in the first place. Unless there is something else I’m missing?
    And I am not going to use RSS. Why mess around with another whole program and having to put threads in and take tham out and blah blah when all I want is a list and that list already exists on my profile?

    Why not bookmark your profile page?? 😉

    my profile page cant help me considering it shows only a limited number of posts. nothing like: show all posts by this user…
    i need the user specific RSS. 🙁

    ooh user specific rss feeds! *drool* i second sushubh’s request! one rss feed for each thread, as we have now, sucks for the reason shelleycat points out. but one feed containing new answers in every feed means you only ever need to subscribe to one feed. and with some browsers you don’t even need another program for reading feeds…

    I think the WP forums really need a “subscribe” feature. It’s a major pain to post something and to keep checking it every day even if you don’t get a reply. Not everyone uses RSS feeds…

    I did book mark my profile page, that’s the only reason I’m posting right now at all. But I don’t always use this computer and without the bookmark there to start with finding anything to bookmark takes ages. This goes for RSS too, it only works if I’m using the computer with the agreggator set up and the correct threads added, something I don’t even have time to do once let alone every time I change machines.
    I know the profile only shows the most recent howevermany posts. That’s fine. For most people the most recent posts are the one they are currently participating in anyway. Like I said, other fora I spent time at have a profile link and it’s very useful. And I can’t see how it would be so hard given that there is a user-specific preferences link already.
    I want to be able to find my posts no matter what computer I’m using or how little time I have to mess around. Right now using this forum from anywhere but my computer just isn’t practical. I don’t work from home and I do share my computer (actually I share several, but this is the ‘good’ one and therefore in demand), so always posting from here simply isn’t possible. I’m sure I’m not alone in this, not everyone has their own special computer that they get to use all day every day.

    well, if we get a user specific rss feed, we can get a free web service that cna send mails on rss feed updates! 🙂 that would give what users want inspite of matt’s decision not to enable mail alerts 🙂
    matt was supposed to do some major additions in features on this forum some days back. looks like he did not get much time. 🙁

    Email alerts or other notification also don’t help if I’m not using my own computer (ie can’t check my email), plus the extra crap in my inbox is a pain 😀
    With the list on my profile I can chose what I go look at depending on how urgent each one is and how much time I have (generally not much). I can pick and chose. Any kind of notification or full rss list of everything is too much information to be useful, while also being depenent on something outside this forum to check it. Keeping everything on site and easily accessible is a good thing 😀
    It does look like the user-specific feed is a desirable option to many (other) users though 😀

    I haven’t had much time for WordPress for the past several months, but I’ve been playing with it again and thus have reason to come back here. And I see the profile link has now appeared 😀 This is great, and will probably inspire me to hang around more.

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