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  • Hi there,

    I was very happy when I saw your plugin in the repo, but then I was utterly disappointed.
    My use case:
    I have a slate of sites that currently use a few plugins that create Custome post types. Those plugins are not yet updated to work with Gutenberg out of the box. So testing the plugins custom post type for editing would require touching code and write a few functions for every post type registered.
    I had hoped your plugin would make it easy to enable Gutenberg for registered CPTs. Unfortunately, it only allows to disable it. So it’s not useful for testing.
    Would you be open to add that feature to your plugin?

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    Gutenberd Editor is already enabled for all post types! If you can’t see Gutenberg in your custom post type probably your types haven’t the REST API support enabled..

    If you use the code you have to add the following argument:

    ‘show_in_rest’ => true

    If you are using a plugin to create new post types probably there is an option to enable the REST API support..

    Anyway talking with the Gutenberg’s staff they said that in WP 5.0 you don’t need to enable rest api support for your post types because Gutenberg will be automatically enabled for all post types by default.

    I hope it helps you.

    Best Regards

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    Let me explain. If I want to test things for multiple sites that all have events plugins or team plugins installed, I don’t want to work in code and mess with plugin codes for each site. Your plugins already picks up on the registered post types. So you could add the check for ‘show_in_rest’ and if false, switch it to true. and therefore make it available for this site.

    This would make the testing of current sites much easier, available for non-developers and your plugin even more useful, not only for those who need Gutenberg disabled but also to those who need Gutenberg enabled and increase your user base<g>

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    Hello Brigit,

    we think you’re right and we thinked to add this feature but we reconsidered that for 2 reasons:

    1. The attribute “show_in_rest” will be no longer needed when Gutenberg Editor will be added to the WP core so ALL custom post types will show Gutenberg Editor by default..

    2. To “regenerate” a custom post type created by users or other plugins is a bad practice

    Gutenberg Manager is born mainly to “disable” Gutenberg Editor when it will be the standard Editor for WP (so always enabled) and to manage its blocks.

    We don’t know what plugin you’re using to create custom post types but we advice to use ->

    Indeed it has all attributes for custom post types ->


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    we can colse this support request.


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