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  • L.S.,
    Inmote currently uses this plugin on all of her sites, and we’re very happy with it! Until now, it provided all we asked for.

    Now recently, our staff has requested to make the image swap when you hover over it. As the maintainer of our site, I first checked if this feature would be implemented by you anytime soon. Unfortunately, no.

    As we are a development company ourselves, and have already written one WP plugin recently, we thought of extending this plugin by ourselves. However, it would only be a minor extension and we would end up with two plugins that are 90% the same. So therefore I think it’s wiser first to ask you.

    The request comes down to this:
    In the back-end, provide 2 upload fields, labeled Image 1 and Image 2.
    In the front-end, when two images are uploaded, make them both swap using CSS (display:hidden / display:inline).

    We could do this ourselves in a new plugin, or help you get the code to make this work… what would you prefer? We don’t have a tight deadline on this, but I’d like to hear from you if we can work together, so we know if our developers should schedule time for it.
    Currently, the Nokia logo links, and lights up by CSS – a temporary solution.

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  • As we haven’t heard anything back yet, our developer is on it. We hope to integrate our extension with the plugin if you would like so.

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