• Hi Joe,

    I have a complicated route similar to a figure of 8 and I want to be able to show viewers which way they should be going. I thought about using marker/icons but they are only available for NSEW. The other option is to make lots of different varieties of arrow as images all going in multiple directions and place those on the map. However very tedious.

    None of these will follow the route exactly. Do you a brilliant alternative?

    Best regards


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  • Plugin Author Joe


    Hi Ian,

    Nice to hear from you. Actually this was requested by another user recently and I agree it would be a really nice addition. However there does not seem to be an easy way to achieve this, so it might be a while until it gets included. I have added it to the list and hope to take a more serious look at this one soon.

    Please feel free to check out the development release if you get time. There are some big new features in the pipeline 🙂



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