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  • Hi there,

    It’d be awesome if this plugin looked at what scripts I’ve selected to enqueue through cdnjs, then work out which other plugins are trying to load the same thing (with the version being used). Then force deregister the script from that plugin.

    As an example, check out the (free release candidate) Font Awesome plugin. Other developers can register the version they want with this plugin’s API, but the Font Awesome plugin takes it a step further. It will go out and find other plugins loading their own version of Font Awesome without registering, then attempt to force deregister the script from those plugins.

    The result is the Font Awesome script is only loaded once, not multiple times with multiple versions by multiple plugins.

    I’d love to see something similar with this plugin. It’d make it a lot easier to realise any benefit from using cdnjs.

    Assuming this is possible and gets implemented, it’d be even cooler if it then displayed a message saying script xyz is loaded by plugin ABC - do you want to enqueue it through cdnjs instead? 😀 (So long as version matching was also possible.)


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