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Feature request: customize strings by language

  • I’m using the last version of WP and WooCommerce, in spanish, and there are issues with one or two strings, because, in example, you may want to express the “Sale!” one with your own words. In the spanish translation, it says “Rebajado!”, which is ok for Mexico or Spain, but here in Argentina we may want to say Descuento! or Promo!, depending of the wishes of the website owner. So that, strings that are able to be shown to the end users of the website, should be easily customizable, so that one can upgrade the plugin without the worries of losing that customizations.
    Is this the right place to request such a feature? or should I go to GitHub?
    Best regards. Thank you.


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  • Roy Ho


    Why can’t you just use po/mo files to translate the words?

    Because every time the plugin is updated, it will overwrite the po/mo files, so you lose your customizations.
    As an ecommerce plugin, the strings that your customers will see published in the website should be editable to adapt to the owner needs.

    Roy Ho


    But can’t you translate it, assuming WooCommerce don’t already have this string translation and then provide WooCommerce team your translated code? That way the updates will include your changes.

    Yes, that string is already translated to spanish, but the translation is not always useful. It does uses a generic term. It depends of the products you are selling. You cannot always use the same vocabulary. I can submit the modifications to the github group, but my customizations may not be interesting for others. Because of all this, I propose to add some simple input forms in the admin screens to customize how you want these strings to look for the end users.
    Am I wrong? 🙁

    Roy Ho


    No you’re not wrong. I was just trying to understand what you were trying to do and propose a solution for you.

    In your case, yes, I believe then you would need a custom filter hook for that.

    ok then, what’s the next step. Do you work with the developers?

    Roy Ho


    Sorry no I don’t. I am just here tying to help people out.

    Fine. Where should I direct this feature request?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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