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  • I support that request!

    He hasn’t responded to my original request in over three months.
    One must assume he simply doesn’t care.

    You could try paying the $10 support fee that M&S Consulting mentions on the plugin homepage. I don’t know if that would make any difference, but it might get their attention. They actually have some code in the plugin to support changing the From:, but it’s commented out (I don’t know why or if it works even). Another option would be that they could simply mention the issue and the Custom Sender plugin in the FAQ, which would be easier to do than a code change…

    I feel that custom sender is a “critical success factor” i.e. core functionality to this plugin.

    To leave it out is just nasty. To have to install another plugin to patch the problem is at best awkward.

    Yeah, I agree it should be included. Hopefully one of y’all can get them to include it.

    For people who are running their own servers and for people who have set up SMTP, it’s generally not an issue because they are usually sending mail with a proper From: value. However, the vast majority of folks are on some sort of 3rd party shared hosting and it’s a big problem there because the From: will always be wrong and many mail providers silently just drop the email. I suspect there are quite a few people running EBD on shared hosting who think their emails are getting out to people, but they are getting dropped silently by Yahoo or Gmail. Unless their website visitors complain, they’ll probably be unaware….

    Agree to the feature request, seems like a basic requirement.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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