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  • I’m pasting here from a year-old post someone else made, as he states my request succinctly:

    It would be very helpful if in the Users panel there was a listing for the number of comments posted by registered users rather than (or perhaps in addition to) the number of posts. I think most blogs have a much smaller number of people authorized to post than to comment. I’d like to be able to tell who are the most active commenters–and if someone has *ever* commented.

    I have only one guest blogger so far, and no need for a “number of posts” field on my Users page. But I’d like very much to be able to see at a glance the number of comments left by various users. A registration date would also be sublime. Inactive users could be deleted.

    Additionally, I’d like to view the full comments of the last five commenters on the dashboard rather than a partial comment. It would be one less click necessary to view recent comments.

    Thanks for your consideration. 🙂

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