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  • Using WPMS + BP

    Due to the ever increasing amount of sploggers out there would it be possible to add a ‘Banned E-mail Addresses’ box to the settings page, or allow for full e-mail addresses in the ‘Banned Email Domains’ box ?

    Just banning by domain rules out allot of authentic users. For example; I have hotmail in my Banned Email Domains box just because of the amount of spam I was getting from hotmail addresses, but I also know that a good many ‘normal’ users use hotmail, but they cannot register on my site because of the spammers.

    Right now I’m fighting off a splogger who uses gmail, I can’t ban gmail as many of my current users have a gmail account, so everyday I have to go in and manually remove the splogger and the site it has created.

    Allowing site admins to add to a blacklist would be great.

    And yes I’ve looked around the plugin directory, but have yet to find a plugin that does ‘just’ that.

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