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  • ronincyberpunk


    I’m struck by a few things when it comes to WordPress and one is the general poor handling of drafts. I think it would be much better for layout to have a collapsible menu on the left which displayed the drafts.

    Using the comma delineated list is cumbersome and hard to read.

    Switching to a left column display would be cleaner, easier to read, maybe even allow a tree structure display with drafts separated into whatever (if any) categories they were filed in. If it is filed in multiple categories it would be displayed under each category heading.

    Mouse overs could display the brief, or short excerpt from the post. Could display draft age, etc.

    It could also allow easier deletion of drafts. Still require two clicks to confirm (or maybe, have an undo feature by “deletion” sending it to a temporary holding area, to be deleted after 24 hours. This could be accomplished by having a hidden category used for these drafts.)

    Just thinking out loud here.

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  • Claverhouse


    I found this though looking on Google for drafts excerpts wordpress plugin

    I totally agree. With many drafts, it would be good to just see what each contains.

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