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  • How about an option to include author’s photos in their profile and a tag available to easily use the photos in posts?
    Also, it’d be useful if there were a feature to send email to registered users when a new post (or whenever I decide to send the notice, maybe daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, whatever) is made where users could identify categories and/or keywords (as part of their profile) to help filter such email notices.
    Hey where do I figure out which action a given user level is allowed to perform? Is there a list somewhere?

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  • Including the photo in the profile is difficult, but including the photo instead of the name in posts is easy enough.
    Find <?php the_author() ?> in index.php and change that to an image with the author’s pic.
    <?php the_author_nickname() ?> gives you an author’s nickname, so you could use <?php the_author() ?>.jpg and have the photos have filenames of the form “nickname”.jpg, where nickname would be different for different authors.

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